'98 Ford Contour electrical failure


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Question '98 Ford Contour electrical failure

Hi All,
The other night, I tried to start the car. The starter went "ruh..." and wouldn't crank any further. Also, all electric power seemed to be lost; no headlights, no radio, no dome light, nothing! I checked the battery terminals, and they were clean and tight, and the battery is only one year old with a good charge. I rapped the terminals lightly with a hammer, and tried the starter again. It started fine, and all power came back. I had to reset the radio presets and the clock.
That was a week ago, and there have been no problems since.
Any ideas what might have happened?
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Sounds to me like you found the problem, battery contacts bad enough to cause failure, but not obvious. Remove and soak in baking soda, then clean thoroughtly with a knife, snadpaper, etc.

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