99 Mazda Protege Overheating Problems


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Angry 99 Mazda Protege Overheating Problems

well im new to this so here's my problem
My Mazda Protege 1999 ES 1.8L is overheating, i already replaced the Thermostat, Radiator, Radiator cap and Hoses the vehicle is not leaking, the fans are working properly, the water pump seems to be working cause i see some water flow when the cap is removed from the radiator, when i have the reservoir full to the line that actually saids full well after using the car for about 15 minutes the temp gauge starts to move up and thats when i pull over and stop the engine next thing i open the hood and the reservoir was completely full and bubbles were comming from the small hose that comes from the neck of the radiator and the coolant turned brown in color, next day when i removed the the radiator cap there was some stuff on it and i dont know what that is or if that could cause the problem, but seriously im getting really mad at my car cause i dont know what else to do so if any of you guys can help me and tell me any other things that im missing in order for me to fix the car please help me out and i really will appreciate any commments about the situation, thanks in advance
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I would not rule out a bad water pump, but, it sounds like a bad head gasket. Coolant and oil are mixing in your cylinders. I bet if you drain your oil pan, you will notice the oil is a milky color. This is bad, and an expensive fix.

Before you go out and spend all this money, have the entire system flushed and replenished.
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I second the head gasket as the possible culprit, although you may not get water in the oil if the blow-out is into the water jacket and not an oil passage. Try pulling your spark plugs an inspecting them. They should have a slightly tan color to the center electrode porcelain. If one or more is nice and clean & bright white, that's where the coolant is getting onto the cylinder (and steam-cleaning the spark plug).
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well thanks to both of you, i check the spark plug and finally found the problem and i believe is the head gasket cause inside the cylinder #1 there's a lot of coolant so i guess is time to spend a lot on money on the car lol well appreciate the quick response and thanks again

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