BRAKES - Dodge Caravan


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BRAKES - Dodge Caravan

The other day we thought the brake pedal felt very "loose" and moved easily until it was pumped a few times, which made it quite firm. So we decided to check the brake fluid. To us it looks low, and on our caravan (1991) it says fill to bottom of rings. This is slightly confusing. For this kind of setup with the two cap reservoir, does the fluid go up to the bottom of the filler neck? Is this the rings they are talking about? I know it does not go to the top because hot fluid might need to expand.

Link to image:

I have an included an image to better explain this problem, as I don't want to over or under fill the reservoir. The picture shows, from what I've seen, what the reservoir looks like from the side (inside view). The red area shows where the fluid currently is. Should the fluid be up to the green area?

I also realize that loss of fluid like this indicates either a leak or thinning brake pads, so we'll have to get it chcked. Thanks.
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There should be some "rings" going around the reservoir. They are not the caps.

Fill it up, but not all the way to the cap.

Have you tried bleeding the brakes to get the air out?

If you bled the brakes and the pedal is still spongie, you may have a master cylinder problem.
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I'm surprised there's no hi-lo marks on the side of the reservoir, but as described and illustrated (nice graphic), I would say yes, fill to bottom of the filler neck. Maybe a fellow Caravan'er will ring in with the definitive answer.
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Thanks for your responses. Now after reading more I read that you shouldn't touch the rubber gasket on the caps because of your skins natural oil. I did this to "form" the gasket so it would go on easier. Also there may have been some lint/dust from a kleenex, however none got inside the fluid. (There might have been some on the gasket) This ok as well? Also if anyone has more input for the other questions, feel free.
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most clear reservoirs have a max line but some of the black ones did not and would generally fill them up to the fill neck sounds like they are reffering to the rings in the cap if it has the rubber insert that expands out as fluid drops.
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This is a black reservoir with the two caps with rubber inserts. According to the image I made, does that seem like the right place to fill up to? Going right up to the "rings" on the cap/insert seems like a lot.
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Did you ever figure out where to fill it to? I just inherited a 95 Caravan and didn't know how far to fill the brake fluid up to.

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