1986 trans am 305 tip. increase a/c idle?


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1986 trans am 305 tip. increase a/c idle?

how can I increase the ilde when the air conditioner compressor is running? Below 1,000 rpm, the compressor vibrates a lot and make a bad sound. Above 1,000 everything is ok... new compressor. I am aware how to adjust the idle without the a/c running... by turning the factory-sealed adjustment screw near the air intake, intake manafold...

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Not completely familiar with that particular engine, but....

Check to see if there isn't a device on the engine that takes care of that, although it may be malfunctioning. It could be along the order of a vacuum modulator (similar to a Toyota design of mid eighties). Those would allow what amounts to a small air leak into the throttle body to increase the RPMs.

The activation on it was through a solenoid valve triggered by the ac clutch current.

Frequently, on the smaller engines you would find something similar to speed up the idle to compensate for the extra load on the engine.

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