Sick Saturn

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Sick Saturn

I have a 1994 Saturn SL2. I had the battery cables disconnected and was cleaning the terminals. I noticed the battery box needed cleaning also. I turn the key on, put the car in nutural, and pushed it out of the gagage. Sat the brake and forgot to TURN THE KEY OFF. When I finish cleaning the battery I connected the postive cable to the terminal. When I connected the negative cable I heard click click click. I tightened the cable and all seem well for afew munites.
1 The odometer was not working, the speedometer was fine.
2 The engine was rattleing a little
I checked all the fuses under the hood and inside on the passenger side could not find any bad.
The car has always ran good, is a one owner car with 70,000 miles on it.
I need help. Come to my cry,
Mr. Pots
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1 The odometer was not working,
IDK, maybe you need a new one.
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We do like input, but your input was not very informative.


You probably fried your PCM or ignition box.

Did you mean to say your tachometer was not working instead of your odometer?
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Question odometer would work intermittently, now not at all.

I've had a similar problem in 2 identical '93 SL1's. The speedo & tach are fine, but the odometer & tripmeter would work intermittently, like a loose connection a while back, now not at all. Anyone have any idea how to troubleshoot?

Thanks, Lee
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If it's a mechanical odometer, what you have is probably a broken gear in the mechanism and it is fixable. I did the job a while back on a Saturn my sister was buying for her daughter. This was a '94 SC1. Not a lot of fun because you have to remove the instrument cluster and dismantle it to get at the little gears.

Found the gears here:

Notice in the case of Saturn, you need to know how many teeth on the gear which means taking it apart first.
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Question '93 SL1's

The speedometer in the '93 SL1 has no cable going to the instrument cluster, it's covered with a soldered-on ribbon connector, preventing further dissasembly. Anyone have theory-of-operation, or further dissasembly info?
Thanks, Lee

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