AC in 97 jetta


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AC in 97 jetta

My AC just up and quit around the end of last summer. Now that it's getting hot again I would like to get it fixed. The compressor clicks on when I turn the AC on but the air does not cool. A friend of mine emptied the refrigerant and added the proper amount back in but it still does not cool. I'm wary of taking it to a shop as I don't know how expensive this repair may be. If it's something simple I know people that can fix it I just need to find out what they need to do for me. If anyone can help me find the problem I would appreciate it.
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If you have proper refrigerant pressure, you should do the following:

With car running, and A/C on max, feel the two A/C lines. One should be warm/hot, the other should be cold. (check the lines going into the firewall) If they are both hot, then you either need probably have a bad condenser.

If a line going into the firewall is cold, and one warm, then you probably have a bad blend door.

Check the lines and report back here.
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Well it's a bit cold out due to a storm coming in but I gave it a shot anyway. I think I checked the proper lines. One felt slightly cooler maybe but they both felt cold due to the temp outside I think. I'm by no means a car guy so I'll have someone else take a look on a warmer day I suppose?

If there is anything else I should try as well let me know. Thanks for the help so far!
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I checked it again. One of the lines felt slightly cooler but they both were a bit cool. Following one of the lines toward the front near the compressor or whatever felt a bit colder, I couldn't follow the other line as it went under some stuff and I couldn't tell where it went. The air blowing doesn't feel any cooler than with the AC off.

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