EGR Valve Trouble


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EGR Valve Trouble

I have a 2005 Dodge Caravan SE with a 3.3L V6. My engine light came on about a week ago, and upon pulling the code, I came up with a P0404 or EGR Valve. I work for Pep Boys as an installer, and one of the mechs at work told me to try cleaning out the EGR valve with throttle body cleaner. I sprayed the ports of the EGR valve with throttle body cleaner and then disconnected the positive battery terminal to reset the computer. The check engine light came back on with the same code and the car is still sputters every now and then. The sputtering seems to happen when it's hot outside and the vehicle has been running for a while. I've unfortunately already discovered that the EGR valve is not covered on my warranty. Are there any additional steps I can try, or should I just chalk it up to a bad EGR?
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It takes a fair amount of cleaning to get the carbon out of one of those things.

Just spraying an EGR once won't get it clean. You need to remove it and saturate the plunger valve with the cleaner. Let it set for about an hour and repeat.

Then use an independent vacuum source and work the valve in and out by connecting and disconnecting the vacuum to the valve.

Spray it once more then reinstall.

Also check the vacuum lines running to the valve for serviceability.

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You could also as a test ONLY, cut out a piece of tin and gasket and block and seal the port, again only as a test. I would never condone tampering with emissions equipment. Then if the car runs normaly replace the egr valve with a new one.
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One of the guys at work said that the EGR valve that was on my caravan was an electronic EGR like the ones on GM cars and that if there was little to no carbon buildup inside, that the regulator inside of it may be bad, in which case I would just have to buy a new one.
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it sounds like the valve may intermittantly be sticking open. if you want to fix it once, then read any applicable TSB's and use anything that's appropriate. If there are no TSB's, get the service information regarding P0404 and do the diagnostics. OBD II diagnostics are generally very tight and lead you where you need to be. In the long run, it's easier than guessing and throwing parts at it.

Blocking the valve isn't going to tell you much and it will still turn the light on.

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