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I have a 1992 Honda Accord and It would rev high so I let off the gas to have it cahnge gears I could gain speed on the side streets but once I was on the freeway it would not gain speed even when I tried the same thing let off and press the gas to help it change gears. I added transmmission fluid and on my way home the same thing this time when I got on the freeway the check engine light came on. it got slower and slower... Is it my transmission? Any other possibilities?
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You need to get the codes for that check engine light. Seeing this car was made prior to the newer OBDII code devices, you will have to jumper some pins to get the code. This code will direct us in the right direction.

You get a piece of wire and insert in in the #2 service connector. This is usually located at the passenger side kick panel. Usually these connectors are small and a blue color.

When this terminal is jumpered, you turn your key and watch the check engine light flash.

Count the flashes. For example, a code 19 would be 1 longer flash, followed by 9 faster flashes.

You could also see if a local mechanic can do this for you as well.

It sounds like maybe your transmission solenoid is bad or something engine related.

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