''WHY''only this year.problems with a 1995 Bonneville

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Question ''WHY''only this year.problems with a 1995 Bonneville

I have a 1995 Pontiac Bonneville.It is a one of a kind that year,I wish I would have known this befor I bought it.Nothing on this car is "NORMAL" .I mean you have to remove the upper engine mount in order to replace the serpinteen belt(fan belt) that is crazy.It also has a plastic intake plenteum(intake manafold).My problem is that sometimes when giving it gas it stumbles and feels like it is missing.And sometimes it only does it after you get up to speed and let up a little then try to give it gas again and it stumbles or misses.I have changed a few vacum lines and cant find any that might be leaking.I don't see a leak on the manafold eather.Anybody know anything?
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Have you checked the typical wires and plugs? Also the fuel filter and fuel pump?

If all those are ok, it maybe your Cranshaft position sensor (CPS).
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It is not a "one of a kind" thing, check out Grand Ams/Prix/Luminas of the same year. They all have those problems.
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thats right

Thats right it is a GM thing my wifes Buick was like that remove top engine mount to replace the belt. (What were they thinking). I would start with a good tune-up new plugs air filter wires etc. I would also clean the throttle plate.
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On the Chevy built engines (3.1) Some have to have the forward mount completely removed to install the belt.........On the BUICK engine, one bolt accessed through the rt side wheelwell, is removed.........along with the sleeve it passes through and VOILA!!!!........

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