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Unhappy fuel pump and fuel filter

how do i locate these on a 95 dodge neon 5 speed .
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A service manual is always a handy thing to have when doing your own maintenance. Fuel pumps are usually located inside the fuel tank, not easy to get at. Filters are usually under the car, along frame rails, but your car has no frame. May be in the engine compartment. Follow the plumbing from the fuel tank, it has to go thru the pump.
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Jack up the passenger side rear, remove wheel, and take a look up at your tank, you'll see the fuel lines etc on the end of the fuel tank. They are connected to your internal fuel pump. Follow those lines forward & you should see your filter along the passenger side underneath.
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Not sure when it started but most vehicles now days do not have a fuel filter in the line, only the one in the fuel tank.
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Thumbs up Thank You

Thank You For The Advice All. Repair Is Going On Today,have
Mechanic To Work On It.

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