remove battery to recondition transmission?


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remove battery to recondition transmission?

In December I bought an used transmission and a mechanic put it in for me.(total $1,000.00 It never did work quite right. I took it in April to a transmission specialty corporation and paid $1800.00 for them to rebuild the transmission and torque converter. THEN, a week later I noticed my battery was different (I had just bought a new one a few months ago) - They admitted to it - but said that they just put the wrong one back in by accident -....
my question is, does the battery have to come out to work on the transmission?!?!?! I thought all the transmission work was done from the bottom. Thanx, Susie
by the way, a week after that I had to have the engine rebuilt. That mechanic told me transmission fluid was leaking. And that the torque converter was old, old and bushings were no good. When I took it back to the transmission place he said there was just a hose loose, not even the transmission, but he put it back in place "no charge." ever since then the powersteering fluid is leaking! and the transmission is doing the same thing that I took it in to begin with (won't shift out right (3rd gear)(you can tell it "wants" to at 35 mph, but won't until around 43-44 and then "jumps" when it downshifts (around 19-22 mph).
I have a 6,000, 6 month warranty parts/labor and took it back today (this time I was angry), and said I want my car fixed, and the 6,000/6month warranty started over. He won't do that. So I guess he wants to jack me around for 6 months and then expect me to pay another $1800?!?!?! I don't think so!!!!! HELP?!?!? '93 Mercury Sable, 3.8, 86,000 miles on it. He said, "you don't have to talk to me like I'm a little boy," and I said, "I'm talking to you like a grown man that is treating me like a little, old, ignorant lady that he can take advantage of!" Thank you, Susie
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Well, where to start.

!. No, I've never heard of a battery having to come out to do a tranny, although I can't recall off the top of my head where/how it's mounted in a Sable. It is possible there could be an accessibility problem.

2. As you may already know, the factory trannies in that vintage Sable/Taurus were crap the day they rolled off the assembly line. Very high rate of failure with as little as 30-40,000 miles on car. The 3.8L engine runs a close second for worst engineering ever to come out of Ford. I know this is not welcome news on your end. Your engine rebuild was because of a blown head gasket, right?

3. $1800 for a tranny overhaul WITH converter is a decent price on theat vehicle. That's assuming, of course, that they actually did the work. Once properly overhauled, this tranny has a decent record of service.

4. I would find someone who can scan it for codes. May come up with a tranny fault code that could help your case. Here's a link on how to do it if you're handy or have a handy friend:
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Talking remove battery to overhaul transmission 2

Thank you. Yes, I found out AFTER-THE-FACT about the cruddy engine/transmission. Oh well. My $1800 car that I bought a year ago from a repo company, has now cost me $6,200.00!
The engine was rebuilt because it was about to throw a rod.
Thank you for answering. I took it to a general mechanic that I trust originally and he said the computer said something about a glitch or something from 2nd to 3rd gear (that fit with the symptoms), but they didn't do transmissions.
At first when I read your response I thought your SIGNATURE was your response! hahasnickersnickergiggle! I'm real close to using an axe!!!!! Thanx again, Susie
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I didn't see what state you are from. Some states have quite strong consumer protection laws when it comes to auto repair.

If you cannot find help that way, if the mechanic that told you the trans was not repaired in the manner you were billed for, you would have a decent case for a small claims court action to reclaim the money you paid the trans shop to repair it.
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Thank you. I'm in Macon, Georgia. I went to small claims court one time to try to get $500.00 back that I had loaned a "friend" for a truck payment. I won, but the only thing that happened is that all that meant, basically, was "Yes, she owes you the money." Getting it back is a whole different ball of wax. Oh well. If it's not repaired right this time, however, I WILL call chamber of commerce, write a letter to the corporate office, and the Better Business Bureau. I'm 52-y-o - - it's time I get some steel in my backbone....Thank you for responding. I appreciate you, Susie

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