A/C Clutch

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A/C Clutch

I have a 1995 Ford Winstar. This year the Air Cond. is not working. When I turn it on or turn on the defroster, I can't hear the clutch kick in. I'm assuming thats the problem. I checked fuses and all are good. What else can I look for?
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turn on the AC and goto the compressor. usually the compressor has a electrical connector with a single wire to supply power when u hit the switch. unplug and check for power at that connector with AC on. and also check the connector on the compressor for ground. if you have no ground on the compressor your clutch coil winding is stuck open. you can test the clutch by manually suppling power. if you do not have power to the wire leading to the compressor then you will have to look at the ciruit in further detail. the freon may be low and low pressure sensor is keeping the compressor from getting voltage on purpose.
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In addition, you can jump the low pressure sensor to check for operation. I think that the unit has likely lost its charge of freon over the winter.

Did you ever exercise the unit during the winter? The shaft seal needs to stay wet with refrigerant lubricant to maintain a good seal. Exercising the unit ensures to keep the seal wet.
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The clutch facings can also wear to the point that the "air gap" between them is too much for the magnetic force to overcome, particularly when the assembly gets hot. If you have voltage at the connector, plug it back in, and tap on the outer face of the moveable clutch plate to "help" it move closer. If it grabs, then the facings are worn.

The gap can be adjusted with shims between the clutch parts, but it has to come off first. On my T-Bird, it's a 2-minute job to get the clutch off, as it's right on top of the engine. With you sideways-engine types, it can be a real pain, often requiring disconnection of the A/C pipes & hoses to get the whole compressor out.

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