radiator cooling fans for 2000 Pont Grand Am


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radiator cooling fans for 2000 Pont Grand Am

What triggers the cooling fans to turn on on a 2000 Pontiac Grand AM, 4 cyl.? Would it be coolant temperature? It seems my engine is getting hot (has been for quite some time now) and was concerned that the cooling fans were not operating properly. I haven't seen them turn on for months (I live in Florida). I've determined the fan motors are fine (they spin when I jumped power to them), relay's are fine, engine coolant sensor registered properly (5 volts) - but the coolant temperature sensor seemed not to be working (infinite resistance at room temp - s/b approx 2238 ohms, new sensor tested gave readings approximating spec's at room temperature) and I replaced it. And the fans still do not spin (by the way, I need a new airconditioner compressor, I haven't run the AC in a long time - no idea if that's relavent). The temperature on the dash goes up to about 215, maybe 220 in traffic and I begin to smell a hot engine - no coolant leak however. Just before I began to get concerned about this (again..some time back) I could swear those fans turned. It's as if they're useless hardware now.
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There'a a couple of different ways fans are controlled depending on the make. A common one is to have two fans separately controlled; the first fan comes on based on one set of criteria and the second for increased cooling like when the ac is turned on or the temp goes up. I'm not a big fan (no pun intended) of the engineering of fan circuitry lately; too much crap, in my mind, for a fairly simple operation. On my wrecker the main fan is engine-driven, of course; but the aux fan, mounted on the ac condensor, I have wired to simply come on with the ignition. It's an option.

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