noisy Toyota Camry


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noisy Toyota Camry


I have a Toyota Camry that my wife retired and has been in storage for long time. Every few months I will drive it a little bit. It was ok but then I can hear some noise very much like broken muffler sound under the engine. Yesterday I went under the car and did not find any leak but found the sound came from a part connecting to engine, maybe part of the transmission. The car drives well. My colleague has the same car and has the same problem. I wonder whether anyone know where the noise comes from.

much appreciated.
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What year Camry, zhensr? Tracking down sounds can be a real pain and it's really tough to analyze without hearing it. Could be loose exhaust parts or heat shields, Wheel bearings/CV joints, rusted out catalytic converter, all kinds of things.

Although this IS,, your problem may be best handled by having an experienced mechanic take a listen. Chances are they would be able to pinpoint it pretty quick.

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