Truck sputters...


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Truck sputters...

I have a 1994 Chevy truck 4X4 6 cyl F/I engine. Starts and runs ok, it just has a little problem getting going once I start it. It feels like it wants to stall when I first start to move it. It's like it's starving for gas or something. I have to keep playing with the gas pedel for about 10-15 sec then it will start running fine. It will only do it when I first start it, or when the engine is cold. Any ideas?
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I think I'll try changing the 02 sensor. It looks like the original that can on the truck. I have 180,000 on this motor.
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your truck

this is actually very common, and Ive seen people sell vehicles because of it, but its easy to fix.

It could be your o2 sensor. However most of the time the problem is going to be in your fuel filter. I always change the fuel filter before I spend money on any other parts.
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And failing fuel pumps will sometimes give you similar symptoms, but I agree with ajayen - try a fuel filter.

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