Where's the dip stick?


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Where's the dip stick?

Trying to check the trans fluid in a 1999 Grand Am. I have looked everywhere, can anyone tell me where the transmission dip stick is?
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Probably doesn't have one if you've looked hard and couldn't find. Quite a few vehicles have eliminated them. Only way to check is to remove the filler plug and pump some in until you get an overflow; similar to how you check/service a differential in a rwd vehicle.
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Start the engine and allow the engine to idle until the transmission fluid temperature has reached the value specified. Depress the brake pedal and move the shift lever through the gear ranges, pausing a few seconds in each range. Return the shift lever to the PARK range. Raise the vehicle on a hoist. The vehicle must be level, with the engine running and the shift lever in the PARK range. CautionThe engine must be running when the transmission fluid fill plug is removed, or excessive fluid loss will occur. Transmission fluid may be hot. Since the actual fluid level is unknown, stand clear when removing the fill plug. Have a container ready to capture any lost fluid. Do not turn the engine off with the fill plug removed, as you can be injured by hot transmission fluid being expelled out of the oil fill opening.
Remove the transmission plug.
The transmission fluid may darken with normal use and does not always indicate contamination or oxidation.
At least 40C
Transmission fluid (At least 104F) 5-10 minutes at idle will give correct temp.
Does the fluid have a burnt odor or a dark brown color?Check the fluid level. The fluid level should be even with the bottom of the threaded plug hole.Is the fluid level low?
Add DEXRON III automatic transmission fluid in increments of 0.5L until the fluid drains from the plug hole.
Install plug before stopping engine or fluid will spill out of plug hole.
Pan drop and filter change 7.5 qts
Check plug is just to the right of the passenger side axle housing , 11 mm plug, can't miss it, only one there.
Hoist is optional, just needs to be level and plug accessible.
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pretty easy

the above procedure sounds pretty easy does it not? Why car companys have to reinvent the wheel I dont know. A dip stick in my book is the way to go.
But it is true many new cars are lacking basic items like a dip stick.
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One new model BMW has no engine oil dipstick, just a add oil light.

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