what to do if my car breaks down? need to ask!!


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Red face what to do if my car breaks down? need to ask!!

what do I do if my car breaks down and since I know nothing about cars can someone tell me what to do if this were to happen what do I check and etc. and also need alot of plenty of good replies from all you automotive specialists out there because I am hopeless.
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You could get a road service contract from the likes of AAA.
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tough one

First off try and figure out what car was doing before it quit. Did it just die or did it sputter. Look for fluids laying under the car.
Make sure your car is in a safe spot off the road before trying to figure it out. Not sure what kind of answer you are looking for since you are not car savy. If I told you to check for spark or fuel pressure off the fuel rail would you know how?
Best thing if you know little about cars is have a cell phone and a card with the number of a towtruck on it.
New cars are not like old cars were a roll of duct tape and some wire could get you to the next town.
Example: 2000 ford Taurus died at carwash I trouble shot to no fuel pressure by pressing button on fuel rail nothing came out. End result was I had to have it towed to shop for fuel pump replacment. Bottom line is fuel pump replacment on a 2000 ford Taurus is not a side of the road fix like it used to be on a 65 chevy.
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If you know nothing about cars, as I do, then it is important to carry a cell phone and belong to AAA.
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Better than AAA, add towing to your car insurance; then when you break down you can call any towing company you desire and simply be reimbursed (up to a set amount). This often will get a truck to you much faster.
Also, since twelvepole mentioned cellphones, there are roadside assistance companies that you can join through your cell provider that are very reasonable. One I do some work for charges $3/month on your cell bill and our response time on their calls is supposed to be within 30 minutes (which we usually beat).

Just for some further insight, what year/make/model do you generally drive, land_man? And do you have a local garage/mechanic you trust?
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my idea is to carry a phone with me and check the electric pluggs to make sure they are starting because anything can happen you may have dirt in the petrol tank and may need to have it cleaned out or my best bet is learn more about cars because breaking down can be very hard to figure out it has to be the electric and fuel engine I suppose. thanks guys
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