'94 Corolla issue


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'94 Corolla issue

My 94 Corolla without warning Saturday night started acting up. The engine is really shaky when the car is at a stop and when accelerating, but when I get to about 35 mph, it runs fine. It gives off a bit of an odor so I've stopped driving it until I can get it looked at. What could this be? My mechanic said it isn't the fuel filter because Toyota's have good fuel filters. He said my ignition, which when I hear that word it starts to scare me that I'm about to have to have a major $$$ repair. Any advice is welcome.
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sounds like it is missing on atleast one cylinder there could be alot of reasons for a misfire but common problems are spark plugs and plug wires. slightly less common reasons could be an injector,or a vacumleak, or even a more serious engine problem like a burnt valve causing low compression.
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yeah, I've been doing some reserach and it loks like it might be the spark plugs and plug wires. Tey haven't been changed since I got the car and that will be two years in August. Yikes! Understand that when I got the car I was a dumb kid of 23. I understand better now.
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You never described what the smell smelled like, gas, anti freeze, etc. I'm also glad your mechanic seems to think there's a magic fuel filter in Toyotas. I'd start with a basic tune up, plugs, wires, fuel filter and especially vacuum lines. After you've done basic maintaince your problem may go away and if not at least you know systems are ok to troubleshoot.
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Add cap & rotor.
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I don't care how good the fuel filter is, if it's 13 years old, it's time for a new one

I'd do the other ignition components also
Cap, rotor, wires, plugs
This engine like fresh ignition parts, and usually prefers Toyota ignition parts too
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How much do you think it would run me to get a new car, rotor, wires, plugs, and fuel filter (if it does need changing)? $100? My shop is really honest, family owned non-chain. One of those places that's closed on Sunday so they can go to church together you know? So I'm sure he won't be ripping me off. Just a ballpark figure so I know what to expect.
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im sure you would probably be looking at 150-200 possibly more depending on what the shop charges for labor to do those things.
you have about 75-100 dollars in parts alone plus labor and those fuel filters usually are not easy to get to.
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Was it really without warning? or did you simply decided to ignore it until now? If you ignored it until now I agree with everyone else(make sure you change the plug wires,cap and rotor). If not you probably have an vacuum leak, TP sensor problem. None of which will be properly diagnosted tonight. Have a good one. Geo

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