2000 Chevy Cavilier Issues


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2000 Chevy Cavilier Issues

I purchased a used 2000 Chevy Cavilier about 2 months ago and noticed a couple of issues that I am trying to troubleshoot/repair.

- One being the speedometer, when i am driving the speedometer goes up and down like crazy especially when I am 40+ in speed?

- Front end noise, I had two estimates done and one of the shops said it was the motor mounts. The second shop I went to did an inspection and said the motor mounts looked fine and diagnosed the problem coming from the struts. Now would it be a good idea to pick up some used struts from the junkyard? or buy new? I am leaning more to what the second shop told me because if it was the motor mounts my motor would be shaking (which it doesn't) What is happening is whenever I press on my brakes it makes a clunk, and also when I come to a complete stop and then accelerate it makes that same clunk noise.

- Third the fan is making a louder than normal noise when I go to turn it on, but seems to be working fine as far as blowing out hot and cold air ?

Overall the vehicle is clean dent free runs strong with no leaks has 76,000 miles. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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The fan on my cavalier does the same thing since I bought it.. I would just assume that is the motor.
As far as the struts... does it make noise when going over bumps? If so struts sound like a good diagnosis. I would get new not used.
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Yes it does make noise when I run over potholes and such. I think I will go ahead and purchase new struts.
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As far as the speedometer goes, a friend of mine had a problem with his vehicle's (it wasn't a cavalier) battery. The battery died and had to be replaced. But before the battery died, the speedo was going crazy too. He brought it in for service, they tested and replaced the battery, but the speedo problem was still there. They told him he had to go to the dealership and have it re-calibrated. I haven't spoken to him in a while, so I'm not sure if he got it done. But if I were you, I'd call the dealership and ask them if they've ever heard of that (re-calibration), and how much it would cost.
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Pop open the hood and peek through the bottom to see the top of the engine, put it in drive and with your foot firmly on the brake press the gas pedal down and watch if the engine twists over to one side or to the front and back. Some twist is normal but if it lurches to one side you may have a bad tranny mount or engine mount and listen for that clunk to see if it matches the lurching of the engine.
Do it several times to confirm it or bust it.

Is this a cable driven speedo or an electric movement speedo ?
My battery went bad and made the speedo needle flop all around in PARK but the car wouldn't start either, it was a 2001 Malibu
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It looks to be an electric speedo ...... I am off work today and tommorow so I will do some inspecting. Thanks

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