92 dodge dynasty running light problem


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Question 92 dodge dynasty running light problem

I really need an answer to this question. Where in the heck is the daytime running light module located? My lights won't turn off even when the engine is shut down.
Do I want to take it to the local dodge dealer? NUH UH. Please help
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Daylight running light module

Don't look for it under the hood.
It's in front of the drivers side front tire. You may have to pry the plastic cover guard away to get at it.
You can get an idea of it's location from inside the engine bay. Just ahead of the battery, the cable disappears through the wall, The module is just the other side.
You can get at it from underneath, your choice.
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I find it pretty much impossible to troubleshoot electrical problems without a multimeter and a factory service manual / electrical diagrams manual (can order from a dealer).

These tell you step by step what to check, have complete wiring diagrams of the vehicle. And these days, they explain the operation of various computer modules and computer networks*. And they show where each electrical component is located (they hide these things all over the place!).

*Newer vehicles can have 24 different computers and 3 computer networks. Upscale vehicles 80 computers!

A good book on the future of vehicle electronic systems is: "Bosch Handbook for Automotive Electrics - Automotive Electronics"...
Bosch Handbook for Automotive Electrics - Automotive Electronics - 5th Edition *-* Bentley Publishers - Repair Manuals and Automotive Books

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