Power Window Motor - Removal & Replacement


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Cool Power Window Motor - Removal & Replacement

I have a 1981 Cadillac Sedan DeVille. The front passenger's window recently stopped working, at all, and the driver's side window opens & closes about 6".

The main problem that I'm having is trying to figure out how I'm supposed to gain access to the motor and/or regulator on this vehicle.

I've taken off the door panel & foam padding backing but then I'm met with the metal interior of the door, which has a few small access holes, but in the main it is solid.

Has anyone out there ever successfully replaced these parts, on this type of car?

If so, I'd sure appreciate some help.

P.S. None of the manuals cover this procedure in detail.
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If the glass goes up and down a bit, try this on both/either doors.
Switch on the ignition, and while holding the window button in either up or down position, swing the door gently to and fro. If the window jumps a bit or works perectly, you have a broken wire in the door circuit, 99% chance it's in the rubber connect between the door and the body. On a car this old, it could well be both sides.
The mechanicals will be in the door. You really don't need to get in there unless you have a bad motor in there. Rare to find a bad wire in the door itself
There will be a kick panel by the brake pedal. Pull that and start checking for continuity - or -
remove the master door sw. and run a wire from the dr. door window sw. to the motor and check it for continuity. You should get a light (or a beep) when you work the switch. You also might have a bad driver's sw. Check that too.
An auto electrical manual will give you a good generic view.
Try your local public library
Essentially they're the same, except some cars have switches in the consoles between the seats
But- 1st of all..... patience, me boy...... patience
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Before tearing into the door anymore, have you check the continuity in the switches?

Replacing the motors can be a pain. The only way of getting them out are through those small access holes.
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Thanks for the information.

I'll try checking continuity and all electrical connections, because I really don't want the pain and aggravation of replacing the motor(s) or regulator(s), if I don't have to.

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