'99 Dodge Dakota front brakes

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'99 Dodge Dakota front brakes

My "new" 99 dodge dakota sport (22,000 miles) had squeaking brakes, so last week I installed new front pads. They seem to work fine, but I noticed my mileage is horrible and the truck lacks power. Yesterday I noticed an acrid smell and saw smoke coming from the front right. I touched the rotor and found it to be extremely hot. Then tried the front left and it was too. Now I know that the brakes are dragging, which is causing all the problems with mileage, etc. My questions is, what did I do wrong? I've installed a lot of pads on other vehicles with no problems so I know it must be something simple I'm overlooking. The brakes just seem too tight. Thanks in advance.

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Did you double check that all parts are identical , and re-assembled properly?
Did you check to see if your calipers are working properly & not partially or totally seized? New pads will cause the pistons in your calipers to ride at a different depth, which may be rusted or corroded, causing them not to retract properly. If all is assembled properly, I'd guess a couple of new (rebuilt) calipers are needed & probably rotors now too, due to excessive heat from stuck calipers. With the price of rotors now, it's usually just as cheap to replace them as it is to resurface them. Don't forget to bleed them properly, and add specified brake fluid.

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