"spark Plug Replacement"


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Question "spark Plug Replacement"

Hi all,

Need some help here. I've got a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am with a 3.1 LTR. V6 engine with 140,000 KMS on it. I would like to replace the plugs and wires on it as I have been having problems with a misfire and would like to know if there is an easy way to get to the 3 plugs on the back side of the engine, without taking half of the engine apart. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Anthony.
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It's a pain

I question why the engineers placed spark plugs in the locations that some of them are at.

You just have to take your time, and have the right tools. On some cars, you have to loosen up some brackets, throttle cables, etc just to get access. Having a universal (swivel) socket is a must on most of these applications.

Take a good look at where the plugs are at, and decide what needs to be removed.

If I were at home, I would go look at my mother-in-laws car, she has the same one.
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look at haynes

check out the haynes book. my lumina with the same engine requires removal of a couple engine supports and the engine gets rocked forward. It was easy. Maybe yours is easy too.
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Sometimes you can remove the upper dog bone mounts and (with the trans in neutral) pull the engine forward enough to access the rear............Others you need to go get em from underneath........
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This might be one of those GM engines you need to loosen the mounts and "dogbone" and rotate the engine to get to them

I've done it where it wasn't too bad, and I've done it where it was scary
I'm not sure which, if either, your vehicle is
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"I question why the engineers placed spark plugs in the locations that some of them are at."

It actually makes perfect sense when you look at the engine by itself
The spark plugs actually have to go there

It's just that low hooded designs and the transverse mounted engine front wheel drive vehicles with engines installed by machines at the factories means half the "sideways" engine is now tucked under the firewall

It's not really spark plug placement, as it is engine position and placement
Not that that helps the frustration at all....
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You DO NOT need to remove or losten anything on this engine to change the plugs. I did the plugs on a 94 Buick Century with the same engine. It helps somewhat to be a contortionist as it took me almost 2 hours to get the three back plugs done and the front three took twenty minutes. You will need lots of small swivel peices and lots of patience.
When I change the Buick which had 124 thousand miles on it the front three plugs were different than the original back three.

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