Brake pedal sticking on 90' civic


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Brake pedal sticking on 90' civic

My beater 1990 civic is having some brake issues- the front brakes are sticking really bad. In the driveway if you brake you have to pull up on the pedal to get the brakes to release. Parts guy says it's caliper, but it barkes evenly, no pulling to the side, so I think it's the master. I'm looking to sell it soon, so I just need to fix this issue. Any ideas?
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I would first bleed the brakes real well then spray some brake cleaner. It very well could be the calipers, but start with these cheaper alternatives first.
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it could be a number of things. but a cheap fix? How about a return spring on the brake pedal? But don't quote me on that because it could be a serious problem. If you know anything about brakes, pull the front calipers down and check um out, could be the brake booster if it has power assisted brakes, manual brakes could be the pistons that push the break pads into the rotor are starting to seize up and should be rebuilt or replaced. Lot a stuff on a brake system that can fail. If you don't know anything about brakes have it fixed. You're playing with the most criticle elements of a car and it could cost u a life if not done right.

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