Ford Ranger 92 parts


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Ford Ranger 92 parts

I have a Ford RAnger 1992 and it is still running fine with over 200K miles. Both of the arm rests inside the door are gone. For a NEW one is $50 a piece. I don't need a new one and do not have a local junkyard in my city. I also tried ebay and don't see any.

So, where do you get used parts like this? I tried junkyarddogs website. I can try some Dallas junkyards too I guess.

This truck rocks though. It does need a muffler exhaust pipes in the back. REgistered in Florida which they do not care (no vehicle inspections). I would still like to fix it though.

Hey you guys let me know - I switched it over to the new a/c. Engine looks good for a while...just a little more help - need it for a three months to travel 400 highway miles per week.

Thank you for any help or suggestions. Just trying to keep it running and rocking. It is a manual 3.0L V6 engine.

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What I meant to wansay

Please give me the technical wording for my RAnger parts that I need.

I know the pipe exhaust sytem needs to be replaced from the catylic convertor back. I was told this from someone that looked underneath it. So, if I am looking for these parts do I say I need a muffler/exhaust system with an exhaust pipe or tail pipe?

My other question is the inside door arm rests are destroyed and gone. I close the door my manually rolling down the window and pulling the door shut from the outside. 92 Ranger and do not want to pay 50 a piece for a new one. I can do without, but one on the driver's side USED would be nice. Do you know of a place that sells used auto parts as this one? I called around to junkyards and they said tey do not inventory items at all or do not inventory items like this on a veicle.

Thank you. Susan
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For the armrest, you may have to revise your thinking. Don't check for an armrest, check to see if they have any drivers side doors for the ranger. Odds are, if they do, the inner panel and armrest are still on it. An in person visit with tools in one hand and a few bucks in the other may convince them to let you pull the needed armrest.

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