Donut gasket


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Donut gasket

Have a 93 plymouth Sundance took it into the muffler shop to get the a donut gasket installed in the exhaust system. The guy told me that he could not do it because he could tell the catalistic converter was hot, and that it would burn up a new gasket in one day because the fuel injectors needed to be cleaned. Aren't all catalistic converters hot especially when it is 90 degrees out? This sounds very strange to me. How about you???
The car runs and starts perfect.
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Never heard of that excuse. He could have just said he wanted to wait for it too cool down before burning himself.
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I think you missed the point hotinokc.

the mechanic wanted to sell some extra service and apparently has a line for everything.

Yes, converters get hot. Hot enough to take off skin and start the grass on fire if the heatshield is missing and the grass is tall.

The can run very hot if the engine is running rich since the converter needs to cause all the extra fuel to be burned. This can damage a converter.

I think the guy was just trying to sell you an extra.

go to a different garage.
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The cow speaks the truth
Step not into that shop ever again
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I thought that was the case. He gives a price a little lower than the other muffler shops near by. Then when he does not see anything extra to charge for he used that excuse. I guess thats called the "lead in".
Thanks all...
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uh no, thats called getting skrood. just being polite with the spelling.
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First of all you may find out it doesn't have one, as I think some Chrysler products were a mated fit, and your leak may be just weak springs or a broken bolt, but regardless, if your handy at all, changing it, is relatively simple if you have a set of ramps or safety stands. I simply spend a few extra bucks ($5 - $10) & pick up new bolts, nuts & springs, and replace them, as you should, when I do it. If the bolts won't snap of when trying to remove them, I simply cut them off with a hacksaw, which is not usually too hard because they are usually rusted part way through, clean up the mating surfaces, and bolt it back in place. Spray with penetrating spray beforehand may help, but I don't usually bother. If they won't twist & snap, then I cut.

Good Luck

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