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My low coolant light is flashing. I have checked my coolant and it is fine. The engine is running on the hot side within a few miles of running. I removed the radiator cap and let the engine idle for a short time and it does not look like the coolant is moving at all. I am thinking the water pump or thermostat might not be working properly. Is there a way to check these without getting into some serious mechanical work? I had the system flushed when I bought the car a year ago so I don't believe there is a blockage causing this.
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Feel your radiator hoses. If the return to the radiator is not hot, then most likely you have a bad water pump or a serious clog.
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The coolant sensor is located in the overflow tank, have you checked the level there?

If it idles fine but runs hot when you are moving, you are 99% likely to have a blockage. That could be a physical blockage, or a bad thermostat that is not opening.

If it's not a major feat, take the thermostat out and try your test again for coolant flow. If you see it moving and/or it no longer overheats, I'd replace the thermostat. On the other hand, if it doesn't move, you have a blockage somewhere or the pump is bad.

Most water pumps have a weep hole that will leak if the seal is broken, but pump impellers have been known to separate from the shaft, so there is no leak, but no pumping either.
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engine hot

run the heater on the car and see if it works, if water pump is shot most likely heater will not work either or it will work for a short period of time, your thermostat could be stuck as well, but, if you're not seeing coolant flowing on the radiator it doesnt automatically means trouble because thermostat could still be closed at that time, how hot does the engine get ?
Make,Model, and mileage info will get you more help around here.

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Whew, the heat works. LOL.
It was the coolant sensor itself that was bad. There was coolant in the tank, but I needed the sensor. Geez, the things they do to cars to make repairs more expensive! I never thought a bad sensor would keep the radiator from circulating the coolant, but there you go. Gimme a good old '68 Mustang. That I can work on. Thanks to everyone!

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