Spark Plug came out with threads


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Question Spark Plug came out with threads

What's up? I have a 1998 Chevy Malibu with a 3.1 liter engine, while taking out the plugs near the firewall, the plug came out with threads, but left the "hook" part still in the engine. Does anyone please have any idea how I might be able to retrive the rest of the plug without causing too much engine damage or swapping out motors? Please help me..............
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Try one of those magnet pens they sell at chain autoparts stores, you could also try to use a vacuum machine, just dont start or crank engine before you retrieve ALL the missing pieces, you're talking major engine damage if one little metal or porcelain piece is left in cylinder.
Worst case scenario would be having to hire a mechanic to remove cylinder head and remove broken pieces on top of piston.
Just dont run it until your remove all of it.

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That seems to be complicated. I didnít know that when it happened to me when I was about to install new Chevrolet Pickup Spark Plug Wires - . But, I removed the missing pieces. I just donít know that if I didnít, that would be the consequence. Good to know now.

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