Cat replacement Y/N?


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Talking Cat replacement Y/N?

A few years back my catalytic coverter had been rattling and I got tired of listening to it after a while so I took it off and gutted it and then welded a straight through pipe in it. I had a stock muffler w/duals at the time and it sounded pretty good for a 6. But last month I put a dual outlet flomaster 30 series on it and now its really load. It sounds really good at idle but with any amount of throttle its just too loud. I will end up getting a ticket in this stupid town. My son did last month and his isn't as loud as mine. Anyway, The question I have is, will a new cat make it quiten down some? I figure it will but I'm not sure and don't want to waste the doe if it won't. Thanks ahead of time.
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In many states, what you did can bring a hefty fine. That cat is there for a reason, you should have replaced it. But to answer your question, it is not a muffler, but it may reduce the sound level.
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Having fully a functioning stock cat will quiet down a Flowmaster a little
(enough for you, I couldn't tell you...but it will quiet it down a bit)

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