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Question Castrol GTX


Bought a case of Castrol GTX this afternoon. I was riding down the road staring at the box when I noticed the BP (British Petroleum) logo on the box.

I've used GTX 5-30 for the life of the truck and in the dozen or so cases I've bought, only recently noticed this stamping.

Obviously it would appear BP bought the Castrol brand.

Question is; does anybody know if the Castrol formulation is still the same?

I've always had good results with this brand.
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Question is; does anybody know if the Castrol formulation is still the same?

the same as what?

Oils are continuosly changed. Each time there is a new API rating, the formulation is changed to meet this standard.

So, I guess, the simplest answer would be; no, it is not your fathers Oldsmobile, I mean Castrol.
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I use it

I would say it is a good oil one of the main players in the oil field. I have used it ever since I was driving in all my cars and trucks no problem. I still do use it in all 3 of my cars.
BP is also a a big player in the oil company and make everything from jet fuel to who knows what. Both companies are no Jonney come latley companies and have several years of of experience in lubrication and fuel experience.

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