press fit lower ball joint replacement ???


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press fit lower ball joint replacement ???


I searched and didn't see this addressed so.....

'93 ford crown vic lower ball joint replacement

I rented the B/J press, pressed out the old B/J and am attempting to press in the new B/J. The press is very, VERY difficult to turn but the B/J is not all the way up in to place. I am assuming it will either "pop" when the groove gets far enough up, or the top og the B/J "socket" will actually meet the lower side of the arm I am pressing it into. Confusing description, I know, but if you can see through my foggy wording any help/guidance is desired.

Thanks for you time,

Best to all
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boo on the press!!

I can't even FIND a press to press in the B/J. Have fun fixing yours, cause I'm having one hell of a time fixing mine.
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I kind of can see what your talking about, not sure what kind of press you have but I had some problems like that with control arm bushings not going in all the way. I froze them overnight in the freezer, went in like butter. Freezing metal constricts it a minute amount to make things like this much easier. Although it is time consuming if you need to do it in a hurry.

Good luck

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