leaky trouble


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Question leaky trouble

1993 gmc 1500, transmission fluid leaking from yoke,and universal joint.how hard can this be to repair myself....... thanks.
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Been a while since I replaced the rear seal in a transmission - but - it's really not that difficult (well, it wasn't back in the 80's). Remove the drive shaft from the spline, pull the old seal - replace it... and replace the driveshaft. Also, the driveshaft will probably be scored where it spins around the seal.... and may need to be smoothed/polished....

As it is (used to be) a relatively simple repair back then, it probably doesn't cost (didn't cost) as much as one might expect to have done professionally. Worth asking your local garage.

I would expect things have changed over the years.... so ask a pro.
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Not too hard.
I would check that the tail stock does not have too much play.
Too much wiggle would cause the seal to leak.
The tail stock can come off with removeing the 4 bolts and getting a good one from a scrap yard or a dealer.
Mark the driveshaft and the rear diff so you can put it on the same position you took it off. This is to make sure the shaft balance stays the same.
Make sure you block all the wheels so it will not move.
If tail stock is not gone then the seal should be simple enough to rip out and change
I would suggest buying a book like Haynes or Chiltons and following directions
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The seal is a piece of cake............The tailshaft bushing isn't too hard either and is replaceable without removal of any major components........I WOULD check my universal joints for play and to see if they operate freely and are not notchy with rust where the bearings used to be...........

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