cars and the beach

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cars and the beach

I took the kids to the beach yesterday. I have recently bought this car ('04 Nissan Xterra) and it is in better shape than the one I had before, and I want to keep it that way. Please, someone tell me if running it under the automatic wash (touchless) with undercarriage wash is enough to prevent rust. If not, what? This was a particularly windy day, and the sand got everywhere...
Do I have to do it right away, or a couple of days after trip is OK?
Anything to prevent rust or other damage before the trips to the beach?
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Are you driving on the beach or just to it?

I would think a car wash that also cleans the undercarriage should be sufficent. Generally the sooner the better but as long as you aren't driving on the beach or parking where there is ocean spray, you should be ok washing it well once you get home.
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I see very few cars with undercarriage or any other rust problems around here EXCEPT the ones that spent time in the northern winter road salt belt or people who launch boats from salt water access ramps. Just don't go driving through the surf like in the car commercials.
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I'll chime in for my tidbit.

If you frequently visit the beach and drive pretty close too it (couple hundred feet), I would spray it down with one of these touchless places every so often. I think washing it everytime you go to the beach might be excessive.

I used to live fairly close to Virginia Beach and cars there would tend to rust a little faster then people outside the area. There is still alot of salt in the air which transfers to your car.
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Ive never lived more than 5 miles from the beach

go "beachin" usually at least once a week in season

drive beach roads often (several times a week )

never wash my vehicles , never had a particular rust problem .

when I was growing up dad used to rinse the cars off every morning becouse he felt there was salt in the dew .

I never bothered and it doesn't seem to make a difference .

now if your actually driving through salt water , like I see some boneheads doing during storm season then thats a different thing you difenatley want to rinse
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Thanks for all your thoughts.
Ha, ha , ha. We are no commercials' material, tow_guy, maybe cartoon material, yes, but no ads...
I actually drove to the shore, on the sand along the beach, and parked for hours only a few feet from the water, but didn't drive on it. This is how everybody else does it here in Texas; we don't have amazing wide beaches, just a thin strip of sand where all cars kinda cuddle together, sometimes you need to move the car back a little after a while 'cause the tide is coming...
So, after all your postings I guess I'll just hang in there for the next rain (very wet week in the forecast) and do thorough clean whe is due.
Thanks guys!

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