93 Grand am CV Replacement


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93 Grand am CV Replacement

1993 Grand Am SE, auto, 2.3L SOHC, 35K original miles.

I am going to replace the passenger side halfshaft (whole assembly) with a remanufactured one, because of a broken tone gear (cannot buy just tone gear).

On the online repair manual im looking at, it says to discard the hub nut. Is there any reason why the hub nut should be replaced?
Also, I need to find out what size it is. I measured 1.160 inches (from flat side to flat side) with a caliper. However, I'm not sure what size socket that would be. It doesnt seem to match up to anything
1.160 = 2.94cm
1 1/8 = 1.125
1 3/16 = 1.1875
1 5/32 = 1.156

It also says to use special tools to remove and install the halfshaft from the transaxle. Do I really need these special tools or can it just be done carefully with a large screwdriver? The part of the job that concerns me is the actual removing and instalation of the halfshaft from the transmission.

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Unless it has a cotter pin, it is a self-locking nut; self-locking nuts are a one-time-use item.

With those measurements, I'm going to say it must be a 29mm. The 1 3/16 will probably work even though it would be a little loose if a 29 won't go on.
I don't know about a Grand Am, but I'm thinking the only special tools might be a puller or prybar of some type to release the end of the shaft from the tranny; the internal snap ring on the end of the shaft that retains the shaft can be a real dog to get to pull free. Just about killed myself last time I did wife's last Camry trying to get the proper leverage to apply enough "pull" for it to pop out.

Word of advice - replace both sides.
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TowGuy: Thanks for the quick reply. I like to replace things in pairs, but the joints seem to be in good shape(only 35k on them) and are not cheap. I'm replacing the one because the tone gear for the abs was cracked (rust got under it), causing my abs to go off every stoplight. I've been driving with the abs unplugged, and want to get it working before winter.

After getting into it, looks like im doing pads and rotors too (front).

Having a bit of bad luck, got a reman. half shaft, tone gear on it was damaged, they ordered another, tone gear was damaged again. ordered another.

Question about halfshaft... I am buying the entire assembly, so there are 2 boots. When I tap on them neither feel/sound like they are packed with grease. The inner boot does not seal completly against the tripod joint. You can hear the air rush out of it when you squeeze it. There is a gap between the metal and the boot in each of the three vallys big enough to stick a paper clip in. The salesman assured me that tripod joint was full of grease and the lack of a seal didn't matter. I'm skeptical, I dont want water and salt getting in there. Isn't the boot supposed to make a tight seal? Do you think that this will cause a problem? I worry about their quality being the first 2 I bought hand damaged tone gears.

I cannot get the ball joint apart. near the bottom of the hub assembly (right name?) There is a shaft coming through from the ball joint with a castle nut and cotter pin. The ball joint is on the end of the control arm. Got the pin out and backed off the nut(cant take it completly off because the outer cv joint is in the way. Now there is about 1/2 inch of threaded shaft sticking out of the hub assembly. The end of the control arm is the ball joint, which is under a piece of the hub. Is the shaft of the ball joint threaded into the hub assembly? Shouldn't the hub assembly just lift off of the shaft leaving entire ball joint and control arm behind? I used a floor jack to lift up on the hub assembly so there was no pressure on the ball joint from the strut and used a big crowbar to try and push the hub assembly and control arm apart (connected by the ball joint). The thing will not budge at all. Looking online, there is sort of a fork that wedges itself on either side of the boot, pushing the joint apart, however this usually ruins the boot. I do not want to ruin the boot because I am not replacing the ball joint.


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