97 T-Bird Engine Cooling Fan not coming on.


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97 T-Bird Engine Cooling Fan not coming on.

I have a 1997 Thunderbird LX, V8 4.6 L.
I saw smoke coming from the cooling fan motor and smelled burning electrical smell, fan stopped working.
I replaced the Engine cooling fan, let the car warm up, but the fan still would not come on. Temperature guage on dash (analog), rises.
I turned the air conditioner on, fan comes on, runs for awhile, shuts off for a second or two, then comes right back on. Repeats sequence as long as A/C is on.
I replaced the Engine coolant temperature sensor, same as before.
What else could be causing this problem?
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Is the car actually overheating?

The fan will only come on if it reaches a certain temperature.
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That is probably what fried your old fan motor - the on and off business -repeatedly.

What kind of driving conditions does this occur in? - such as stop and go driving while it is hot out AND the a'c is on? How does it behave if a/c is not on?

And if you aren't doing highway driving, you may want to just take it out on the highway just to see how it behaves with the a/c off, and then with it on (on a second run test). With the a/c off, cruising down the highway, I do believe that your temp gauge should remain in the normal operating position and not require fan to come on, if your radiator and thermostat are not clogged or stuck, respectively. And that your radiator or a/c condensor grills are not clogged up with bugs, grass, etc.

Other things to consider would be your temp sending unit. If your car has 2 temp sending units, it woud be the one that has the most wires coming from it, and is tied into the computer operation of the car for the fan relay and even how much gas is delivered to injectors, etc. And then there is the relay.
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Original poster

The car will overheat if I let it idle without turning on the A/C.

It has not been hot here the past couple of days, in the 70's, but when I let the car idle and the temperature gauge started climbing pretty quickly and neared H, I had to turn the A/C on to get the engine to cool down.

On the highway, the temperature levels off, as long as I can keep moving or put on the A/C.

Thermostat and radiator do not appear to be clogged, or closed, upper radiator hose gets hot, radiator grills are not clogged with bugs or grass, they are very clean.

Car has 2 sensors, one is the Coolant Temperature Sensor, which I replaced and according to the Haynes manual, is for the computer.
The other is the Coolant Temperature Sending Unit, which I did not replace and according to Haynes is for the gauge.

You think it could be sending unit?

Before the fan burned up, the fan was coming on and going off for a couple of seconds and then coming right back on again, whether the A/C was on or off, if that helps.

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