Noise in the front tire area


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Noise in the front tire area

I got 2002 4 dr sebring sedan and noticed that my front tire areas are noisy. I do not feel that the tires are misaligned since ther is no vibration, shimmy or a tendency for the vehicle to "wander," or pull to one side when driven at highway speeds. Tires are not old and wear and are propely inflated but I just don't know where those tire noise are coming from. All I can think of right now is that I need to balance my tire, am I right with my conclusion? Any help?

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Humming noise????..............Find a straight smooth piece of road...........sway the car left to right............Does the noise increase/decrease as you change directions????...........Probable hub bearing
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is the noise constent or at highway speeds? if its at highway speeds its probably your wheel bearings.
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Thumbs up Noise from the front wheel areas

wrench47 is is a humming noise that decrease as I sway my car from left to right....and the noise
is constant and not only in highways.

I would likely get a second or third opinion from a diff. mechanics atleast
I have an idea now that its my hub/wheel bearings.

Thanks guys. You are the best.
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Just as a thought, does the noise stop when you apply your brakes and return when you let off the brakes?

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