2004 Cav. problem


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Question 2004 Cav. problem

My son has a '04 cav. that he says when he first starts it up and steps on the gas to pull out,it stalls. After the initial stall it works fine. Yesterday,as he slowed for a stop sign,it stalled again.He said he was low on gas at the time but not low enough to make the low fuel light come on. Could the fuel pump be on it's way out? Has anyone had similar experience with this? Thanks
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I would first look at replacing the fuel filter.

It could be the pump, but I would expect the car to run rougher all the time.

You can get a fuel pressure reading to rule that out.

Chevy's have been known to have bad fuel pumps. Alot of people continually drive with the gas light on. This is bad! This means the fuel pump is not completely submerged with fuel to keep it cool. The more it is exposed, the hotter the pump gets and the faster it will fail.
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fuel filter

Would you know where the fuel filter is located on the car? Is it along the side rails?
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Did he then fill it with gas to rule out an improper reading sending unit? My car 'ran out of gas' at just under 1/4 tank for first time ever, out of the blue, and no gas pump light came on either! - yet it ran out. I wasn't smart enough, or I was too stubborn to add fuel until I did all kind of tests to the car for hours! Ever since I added gas it has never done this again.
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fill it up

Yes, he took out a loan and filled it up, don't know if it's happened since.
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rule of thumb

Rule of thumb on newer cars with pumps in the fuel tank never ever let your tank get low on fuel. The fuel acts as a coolant. 1/4 full is my rule for my car.
I know fuel costs an arm and a leg but so do fuel pumps.

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