brakes shoes


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brakes shoes

Hay guys how can you identify the primary brake shoe from the secondary on a drum brake ? One lining is longer than the other.
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I believe the secondary shoe is the larger one because usually they have the emer brake level attached.
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In many cases the primary shoe material is longer than the secondary shoe material. The longer shoe always goes towards the rear of the car and the short shoe towards the front.
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Ok, here we go with brake engineering 101.

primary shoe is the front shoe, it is shorter in the top than the secondary show.

Reason: It causes the front shoe to extend further and actually causes a wedging action. If the system has the bottom of the shoes to free float, what happens is as the front shoe wedges due to the shorter top edge combined with the rotation of the drum provides what is called a "self-energizing" action. That is due to the wedging, it actually assists in applying the brakes. The cars with a solid mount bottom end of the shoes do not enjoy this as great as the floating bottom but it still helps.

Try putting on the shoes backwards one time and notice how much more pressure it takes to apply the brakes. It won't hurt anything but it makes it take more pressure for the same amount of braking action.
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Primary = shorter and it's on the front.

Secondary = longer and it's on the rear.

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