'89 Lincoln A/C problem


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Talking '89 Lincoln A/C problem

I have an '89 Lincoln Town Car, the a/c system on this particular vehicle is always in recirculate mode when the a/c system is on. I just recently had the system serviced and it has been working well as it always has, just one problem. I noticed the other night on the way home that there may be a damper or flap problem. I had my cruise control set on 70 mph, and when the engine came under a load climbing a slight incline the a/c went from recirculate to outside air ( I noticed the big change in air temp ) The compressor was still cycling but the air became warmer. When I slowed down, or in deceleration the damper closed up again and the air went back to cold. This never occurs driving around town, only on the freeway when there's a load on the engine. It's obviously a vacuum problem as I see it but I don't know where to start. I spent some time under the hood and can't find a single vacuum hose in or around any a/c parts. I have a maintenance manual on the vehicle and it shows a couple of vacuum motors in the dash. Are one of these bad? My mechanic says it could be very expensive dismantling the dash to find the problem. Anything I can do myself? Any and all thoughts much appreciated.
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You need to look under the dash for the bad vacuum lines. Either behind the control panel and/or at the recirc door. Your back will hurt afterwards.
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This problem is not uncommon... Your system works on vacuum pressure - and when the engine lugs down on the hills, the vacuum to the engine lowers enough to cause the A/C damper valve to close. There may be a fix to it - but I've learned to simply live with it over the years... It's been an issue with two Jeep Grand Cherokees - from the day I bought them to the current day when they both have over 100K miles on them.....

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