Eclipse Spider Headlight problem


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Eclipse Spider Headlight problem

I just bought a 2001 Eclipse. The headlights work find on dim, but when I go to bright, they go really dim, like they are starving for voltage. I have done some investigating, and it looks like when you go to bright, that both the bright and dim elements in the bulb try to burn. I took the relays out and swapped them, no difference, checked the relay sockets and they seem to be in the same state no matter which position the dimmer switch is in. I could be getting false reading but it looks like there is a 12v on the relay pull in coil on both the bright and dim relays at all times. What is the ECU module that sits next to the relays? And what part does it play?
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First, check the ground connections at the headlights. Remove, clean with fine sandpaper - both the wire connector and the sheet metal it attaches to. Often a little corrosion will limit the amperage needed for the high beams.

Don't mess with the ECU. That controls many engine functions, but not the headlights.
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I will do that this afternoon if I get the chance to work on it. Keep in mind that it is doing the same on both sides left and right. The reason I asked about the ECU is that in the shop manual, troubleshooting the headlight bright, the front ECU is listed as one of the 4 possible problems.

• Malfunction of the headlight relay (high)
• Malfunction of the column switch (turn-signal light
and lighting switch)
• Malfunction of the front-ECU
• Damaged harness wires or connectors

Also, remember that both the high and dim elements in the bulb are trying to burn when it is switched to bright.

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