96 S10 Blazer A/C Question


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96 S10 Blazer A/C Question

I just added some r134a to my 1996 S10 Blazer's ac system and have a question. I have about 40psi on the low side, but the compressor is not cycling, should it or should it not? In the past is has cut on and off normally, but now it is not. I disconnected the low pressure side switch and it cuts off so the switch is not a problem. Just wanted to know if the comp should or should not cycle with the correct amount of refrigerant. Thanks, MRT19
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Jumper the compressor or the A/C relay. Get a long piece of insulated wire and touch one end to the pos + side of battery and the other end to the + side of the compressor. If the compressor engages, it's not the compressor.

Sometimes there are two pressure switches, one low, one high.
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Re: At 40 PSI, "I disconnected the low pressure side switch and it cuts off so the switch is not a problem." - That just shows the pressure switch is electrically closed at 40 PSI, which it should be. Your test does not yet indicate that the switch is working properly.

You don't need to jumper power to the compressor, either. You've already shown the compressor clutch will engage and release when you disconnected the wire to the pressure switch.

High pressure on the low side may be an indication of too much refrigerant in the system.

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