89 Ford pick-up chirping belt


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89 Ford pick-up chirping belt

I have a 1989 Ford pick-up. It has 127,000 miles and runs good. This truck has a chirping serpentine belt that is more pronounced during wet weather. Belt dressing seems to make it worse. A new belt cures it for about a day and its back to chirping. Any sugestion would be appreciated.
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Things like that are usually either the tension on the belt, the alignment, or possibly a belt that has drawn out of shape. In another area, a bad bearing on an accessory could give you a similar sound.

I would do the easiest first, check the tension on the belt, and adjust accordingly. Specs are usually a deflection in the belt at some point. You would simply tighten the belt so you could only move it so much (usually about 3/4 inch) at the point specified in the owners manual.

If you still have the chirp take a bar of soap and lube about six inches of the belt on the grooved side. If that stops it you have either a belt or alignment or pulley problem. Belt dressing is meant to increase the drag between the belt and pulleys, the soap would lube it.

If still chirping, pull off the belt and clean the pulleys with a steel brush. Also check the belt for any irregular wear on the grooves. While the belt is off spin all the driven accessories and check the bearings for rough spots on the bearings. Pay particular attention to the tensioner.

Hope this helps,

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Sounds good I will give it a try Thanks GW

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