windshield washer pump


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windshield washer pump

I read something here about pushing a needle through something to clear debris from a windshield washer pump line? could someone please elaborate on this?
my windshield washer pump was working fine and suddenly quit. no sound, no fluid. i bought a new pump but if there is an easier fix, that would be wonderful.
also, forgive my ignorance, but i can't even FIND the windshield washer pump on my 2000 sephia.....
any assistance would be appreciated!
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If you don't hear the pump running when you push the button, it's not a clog.It's either the motor of a fuse.

Look at all your fuses to determine it's not that.

If fuses are good, then the pump should be located on your firewall. Trace the wiper sprayer hoses down to it.
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windshield washer pump

The ww fluid pump-motor is usually quite audible, and there is currently no sound.
I've also checked the fuses, and they're all good.
I believe the pump-motor is on the firewall, but if it's under/behind the reservoir, the reservoir is encased, so I'll have to get to it underneath the car somehow.
Thank you for your help!

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