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Smile relay control module

hey guys i noticed you talking about the rcm i thought it was the power control module maybe thats y i cant find the part any were accept ford for about 3 bills... but ill get to the point ,my car wouldnt stay running so i tract it to the iac or idle control valve so i thought so i put the new 100 dollar part in and to my surprise it wasnt the problem so now i tested it and i wasnt getting anything from the pcm or rcm so i bought a used one from ebay but it works but not how it should ill turn the key and the rpms will fluctuate untill it finally finds the right setting and it shound nt do that im used to starting the car and it running strong right at about 800 rpms with out any flucuation so any ideas ...should i just buy a brand new r.c.m....?

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ok.... Let's start it over again.

First of, what's make/model/engine/trans?????????

Then , what does it dos/doesn't dos ?.
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No offense intended, but your question would be easier to understand if you used a comma or a period now and then.
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sorry guys its a 95 tbird with a 4.6 ... i dont know y it still searches for the right rpm setting when i start it up...ill rev her up and she'll stall and sumtimes turn off if i dont hit the gas again..but thats only when i first start it up...i dont know any help would be greatly appreciated...thanx

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