Wabbly tire or wheel....


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Wabbly tire or wheel....

I was recently driving on the highway, and with my brother following me, he noticed that my right rar tire or wheel was wabbling really bad. I needed to take it out yesterday, and when I was driving at higher speeds (60-70mph) it was really noticeable and annoying. Prior to taking it out, I brought it to a tire shop to ensure the lugnuts were on tight, and they were. They inflated it with some more air, as it was low, but obviously, this did not resolve the problem.

About a month ago, I used the truck to haul dirt around, and that may have been around the time this started, but I cannot say for sure.

Any suggestions as to what else I can check, what else it could be, where I should take it, or other things I can try to pinpoint he diagnosis?
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You can raise the tire off the ground and see if you can shake it to ensure you don't have a bad wheel bearing. If you have any significant play you need to have that fixed immediately to prevent any further (and costly) damage.

Probably you've bent the rim, however, when you were hauling the dirt. To check, raise the wheel off the ground and sit a bottle or something like that about an inch or so from the tire. Rotate the tire and measure the distance from the rim to your stationary object. I believe you'll a difference as you rotate the tire.

Should you find the wheel is bent, it will need to be replaced, not only for safety reasons, but to prevent further damage to the axle bearings, and the tire.

Hope this helps,


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