'97 Lumina Ideling too fast


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'97 Lumina Ideling too fast

Year/Make/Model: 1997 CHEVROLET LUMINA/LS
Body Style: SEDAN 4 DR
Engine Type: 3.1L V6 MPI OHV 12V; Auto Transmission
Manufactured In: CANADA

I just got this car back from the transmission shop [The pump was out in the tranny] and it is ideling really fast. I'm afraid it will knock out the transmission again. Is there an adjustment under the hood to set the idle?

I have a suspission the fast idle has something to do with vacuum leaks.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks HH
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First thing to check would be that the throttle plate is closing all the way. Look at the throttle linkage and make sure that there is a slight amount of slack in the cable when the throttle is closed. It's unlikely to be an adjustment problem; linkage or a vacuum leak better bet (especially just following tranny work if your vehicle uses a vacuum modulator on the trans).
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The transmission shop found a problem with an electric harness that goes to the transmission. When that was fixed the Idle speed came down to normal. I think a bad signal or no signal from the electrical on the tranny was the problem. Have you heard of anything like that?
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I spoke too fast on the Idle being normal. Now It dies when you take your foot off the gas peddle.
I'm told I need a Throttle position sensor, an idle air control mtr, fuel filter, pcv valve and two oxygen sensors. I want to work on it myself. Do I just start replacing these items? Can I buy them at say Auto Zone. Which ones should I start with?

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throttle position sensor or the idle air control motor is both items that would likely affect the idle of the car but you may want to get a second opinion or atleast have codes read and cleared before you start changing out parts

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