2000 Jeep Cherokee Window switch broken


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2000 Jeep Cherokee Window switch broken

Hi - Our 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport has a strange issue. Yesterday, all of a sudden, the power window switches on all but the Driver's side door ceased to work! I have noticed that the little green light that shows on the switches is not showing, but why would the driver's door switch still work, and not all of the others?

Any assistance is appreciated.

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My car does

something similair, Nissan calls it a "child safety lockout." It's a safety feature to keep young kids from accidently rolling down the windows. (or in my case, just to keep the kids from playing with the windows.....up, down, up, down!)

Check your owner's manual to see if you accidently turned the safety lock on. For my car, it's a push down switch next to the lock switch on the driver's side door.

I hope this helps!
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That sound exactly like the Window Lock button is pressed like Desy said. I had the same vehicle as you, and when you press the window lock button (which is in front of the other switches) the illuminated switches will go out. Only the drivers window will work when it's activated.
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Jeep Window Switches

Not exactly related to your specific issue, but a common problem;

The automatic roll down feature of the drivers window switch will often go, resulting in the window regulator motor to continue winding down after the glass has reached bottom... You'll often hear the gears of the window reg motor skipping teeth until you manually up-bump the window switch.

It's happened on every single 2002 Cherokee in our fleet.
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Do the illuminated switch lights go out when this happens?

Alot of people don't even or never knew what that mysterious button is.

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