Rear Brake smoking

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Rear Brake smoking

Ok Here's the deal about a week ago I noticed an burning odor....upon inspection the rear passenger hubcap was very hot to touch and there was smoke coming up from the brake area ( I assume) ..

Now the anti-lock light has been on for many weeks.

I don't know if when I brake through town if the brakes are not releasing or something because if feels like something is dragging the car.

I had new brakes and rotors and calipers put on from Midas in March.
It's a 94 Ford Taurus.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
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Could be brakes. Could be rear wheel bearings. You don't want to mess around with neglecting wheel bearings this bad as it is possible the wheel can fall off the car if they lose enough rollers inside the bearing or cause a terrible steering concern.

Jack up the car so tire is off the ground and then with car blocked under the frame (for added protection) you grab the tire and try to wiggle it in and out. It should not wiggle. And if it does, depending on the severity of the amount of wiggle, it can mean that it either just needs the nut tightened a hair more and/or the bearing could use more grease (there are two, an inner and an outer) or the 2 wheel bearings inside need to be taken out and replaced with new ones and a new rear bearing dust cover and repacked with grease.

A stuck caliper is notorius for causing such drag and overheating. This will require someone who knows something about brakes to analyze the situation and fix or replace.
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Bring the car back to midas ASAP. There is something wrong and it needs attention. They did the work and have them fix it on their dime. Sometimes the longer you wait and ignore the problem the worse and more expensive it gets to fix.
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Not sure if Midas would even cover that since it has been 4 months since they did the job. These places are usually pretty thorough in their work.

It could be a frozen caliper or a seized bearing like ecman51 said, both of which are bad news.

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