Transmission Leakage on the ground, Subaru Outback

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Transmission Leakage on the ground, Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback, 2000.

This morning when I drove to work, I found there was a small-leakage, about 2' x 2' circular on the ground where the car was sitting for four days. At first, I thought it's oil-leakage as hearing from my co-workers.

However, my auto-knowleageable friend told me that it's from transmission as seeing a normal-level of oil-dripstick under the hood and he's speculating transmission-'worn-gasket,' although transmission-dipstick has normal-level fluid. After having inspected on both under the hood, he told me no rush to bring it to the shop, because it just started. Only I need is to be cautious about planning a long trip.

However, I started to concern over whether I SHOULD take it to the shop right away, ... rather than taking a risk getting deteriorating other parts due to transmission-leakage. Otherwise, Subaru is running in perfect condition with very smooth ride. Everything seems OK until I found this, a small leakage on the ground.

Wonder how much the shop would charge for this problem, ... 'worn-gasket' on transmission/automatic? If more than $1,000, then I may need to wait it for awhile.

Thanks for your imputs on this regard, in advance.
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It all depends on where the leak is actually at. Can you get up under neither and see where it is coming from? It may just be a drive shaft seal which is not too difficult to replace and should not cost that much.

Just keep an eye on the transmission fluid level until you get it fixed. You don't want to be too low on fluid.
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Good if it’s just the drive shaft seal. But, if it’s the gasket, as far as I know, a worn gasket should be replaced right away, because it usually causes worse problems affecting several Subaru Auto Parts turning out broken as well, like I had when I ignored the problem. It wouldn’t just be $1000 worth to be repaired when you let it pass for few more days. So, have it fixed very soon before it gets worse.

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If it was a drive shaft seal it would be leaking gear oil on the ground not ATF. There are only a couple areas on the transmission that would be leaking ATF, the pan gasket or the tramsmission wiring harness o-ring (both fairly common) Are you sure it is Transmission fluid? If it is than it should be red to a brownish depending on it's condition. Either of those leaks are fairly easy repairs and should cost nowhere near $1000.00.

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