Chevy Venture Power Steering pump


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Chevy Venture Power Steering pump

I have a 2002 Chevy Venture with I believe a 3.4L engine. I noticed a few days ago a squeeling developed. It is there at idle but as you step on the gas it goes away and then comes back at idle. It looks like the power steering pump bearing possibly ( the drive belt is only 6 months old). I ran it and squirted a small amount of WD-40 behind the pulley and it disappeared. I tried wiggly the pulley but there is no movement there. My question is is there any other way to check if it is a bearing, and if it is can it be changed or does the whole pump need to be changed. It looks really simple in this vehicle as it is right on top of the engine with plenty of room around it. If anyone has any experience with changing these in this kind of vehicle please advise if it easy or not and any tips on how to do it. Thanks
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Typically you just replace the PS pump as most of us don't have the equipment and fixturing to properly press out and reinstall the bearing and seal. On many PS pumps, the pulley needs to be transferred from the old to the new pump, which requires a special puller/installer which Autozone (and maybe others) will let you borrow to do the job. Its not real hard, just takes some time.

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